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Home renovations on the sixth to bear in mind to take you out of the decoration by the errors Home / What's New / Trade News

Home decoration decoration usually have a lot of details will be busy confusing the main people to ignore, such as the material texture, interior lighting and so on. Bear in mind the following "words by" take you out of fitting errors.

Thin: surface decoration materials: from less space, reducing the load floor point of view, should be the thinner the better, such as marble plate, as long as the construction of high quality, does not appear; "hollow" phenomenon, then the election of 6-8 mm thick it. Curtains: thin curtains very popular. First, the reasons do not need high-rise residential buildings too worried about the sight of outsiders; Second, a good sealing aluminum alloy window, curtains to decorate the main, secondary wind. Ceiling; to the principle of thin, increase the safety factor at the same time less space.

Thickness: at "soft decoration" in the thick of some very texture of the material, such as sofa cushion covers, cushion and so on; also lower the bed board height, with a new, two old Simmons mattress overlay, highlighting the bed comfortable and warm. Higher space, can be thicker structures "to Taiwan," and to express a sense of space and regional levels, giving a "????" atmosphere and the enjoyment of the environment.

Turner: In view of the lack of interior lighting can enhance the light transmission between the rooms, and each other "??", such as the chamber door, partition wall can be used, such as decorative glass technology. Furniture is also the best installation of window glass, so that can penetrate the eyes, enhance a sense of spatial depth.

Leakage: the "leak carved" furniture, ceilings, dado, etc.. As well as lighting hidden in the roof of smallpox process of glass ornaments, so that light leaks out, the room can be enhanced by the mystique, improve the grade of the decoration.

Thin: Spaces home now like a "roly-poly child", so in the decoration and give it the best decorative wearing "vertical bar vest" and therefore the use of thin high-or vertical color bar clear of furniture, as well as the selection of the ornaments have vertical lines cloth, curtain, can be highlighted vertical structure.

Wrinkle: home decoration, safety first, such as at home have the elderly, child care while the ground material should be preferred has "wrinkles" and "anti-type", and secondly, smooth type of furniture, decorative materials reflective of strong, easy to make the eyes and minds fatigue, and with "crease" surface "rough" on the contrary has some texture and the simple beauty of strength, and also function to absorb noise.

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