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Quality Guidelines:
Ensuring quality, improving constantly, providing products and services that satisfied customers on time.

Quality Slogan:
Seriously Strict, quality the first.

Quality Measures:
  • Implementing the total quality management, improving and perfecting the quality system.

  • Adhering to the idea of manufacturing quality, and strengthening the process quality control.

  • Perfecting the agreement of quality guarantee and the supply-side evaluation of QCDS (quality, cost, delivery time, service) , Extending material quality management.
  • Training staffs, allowing them to work with license, establishing quality incentive fund, carrying out and incentive mechanism by paying the payment with quality classification.

  • Running reliability tests for products regularly, perfecting testing means, reducing the impact of human element.

  • Established the quality information center, applying statistic and analysis techniques, continuing improvement, so as to quality is in the state of being controlled.

  • Intensifying after-sale services, improving and upgrading quality.

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